Mocker transforms into Monsy: Your All-in-One Income & Expense Tracker
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Monsy for iOS

The private way to track your income and expenses

Monsy is an income and expense tracker, focused on simplicity. Our mission is to help people be financially healthy. Review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and manage your assets. No online account is required, just you and your phone!


0.0.3-alpha.36 | iOS 13+

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Monsy syncs your data with iCloud. If you set a pin code and forget it, all your data will be deleted! Face ID cannot be used in this case.

Income & Expenses

Intuitive and easy to use interface. Adding transactions is extremely fast, no burden.

Statistics & Widget

View insights of your financial data. Plus, track and compare your transactions by month or by week.


A powerful search to find transactions effectively.


Besides categories, you can organize your transactions better by tagging them with, i.e. #work, #travel, #food, etc.

iCloud Sync

Your data will be automatically synchronized with all your devices.


We highly value privacy and we do not intend to store your data on any server, which is why we decided to use iCloud to store your data safely.